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Electric cars have become a reality and most major car manufacturers have announced various models of electric vehicles. We believe that this market will explode in the coming years and hence we decided to study it deeper and find out some interesting details about the best home EV chargers in the US, their sales, and usage patterns across the United States.

There are tons of people who are buying electric vehicles and as such, the demand for electric charging stations is on the rise. A good number of service providers have joined the industry of providing both commercial and residential EV charging stations.

What is an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

It is a device that can be used to charge electric vehicles through an electrical outlet. It enables the vehicle owner to drive their car for longer distances. With the increase in electric vehicles, the need for these chargers has also increased significantly. These are commonly referred to as electric chargers or electric charging stations.

The EVSE market has been growing at a steady rate and more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits. It is very important to increase awareness if we want to boost sales and installation rates of EVSEs.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

The main benefit of electric vehicles is that they do not emit hazardous gases or fumes. This way, they help improve air quality and reduce the chances of smog formation. They also reduce noise pollution as EVs are fairly quiet in operation.

Charging time for most electric cars varies from one make to another. In most cases, it is done at home. However, some models can be plugged in for charging at a commercial charging station. This is extremely useful as it gives the ability to stop and pick up passengers on way to work or any other meeting place.

Types of Electric Vehicle Chargers in the US

There are three major types of EV chargers available in the US.

1) The Level 1 electric vehicle charger that can be used for electric vehicle charging from a 110v source, commonly referred to as a wall socket. It has a range of 4-6 miles per hour and takes about 16-20 hours to charge an electric vehicle fully.

2) Level 2 electric vehicle chargers that can charge an EV between 12-30 miles per hour and the charging time is about 5-6 hours. They use special outlets for this purpose called NEMA 14-50 outlets. This type of charger has a range of 25 miles to 75 miles. The first level starts at 16 amps and up to about 30 amps.

3) DC Fast Charging Electric Vehicle Chargers are also known as Level 3 charging stations and they deliver the power of 50-400 amp depending on the model. The range of this charger is 50 miles to 100 miles per charge. It usually takes approximately 20 minutes for an electric vehicle to be fully charged thanks to its rapid charging rate. These chargers are connected to 480-600 volt three-phase power sources.

Since these chargers offer the best performance, they are used for commercial purposes. The units usually supply 400 amp power and can force an electric vehicle into charge mode within 30 minutes or less.

The new models of home EV chargers that have recently entered the market offer high-speed charging. This is an extremely crucial factor in electric vehicles because it increases the range of the car.

Top EV Chargers to Consider Buying in 2022

Since the EVSE is still a new niche for most people, you may not be really sure about the type of equipment to buy. Our experts have tested and reviewed some of the top models and you can easily find the best EV charger on the market. Here are some of the products worth paying attention to:

ClipperCreek HCS40P – 24-Hour Fully Programmable, Multi-Protocol EV Chargers

This product belongs to the ClipperCreek brand and it is a high-end Level 2 charger. It has a range of 25 miles and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. It connects with most brands of electric vehicles including Tesla models. The equipment comes equipped with a 6.6 kW power supply and it has an integrated 120-volt outlet.

It also comes with the J1772 public access charging cable for convenient plugging in electric vehicles onto AC stations. To make sure that this EVSE meets your individual requirements, it is fully programmable through customer support.

This product is UL listed for quality and durability. What’s more, the home charger delivers 7.7 kW power when charging three-phase electric vehicles or 20A at 240V with an 80% DC to AC conversion efficiency level.

ChargePoint – 40 Amp Non-Networked Single Phase Electric Vehicle Charger

This model is compatible with most electric vehicle models on the market today. It is also simple to install and use because it comes with all the required equipment for ev charger installation. To make sure that this device is user-friendly, it features LED indicators that show the status of the charger at any given time.

The product is completely safe to use in any environment because it does not generate emissions when plugged into AC outlets. It also has a convenient and ergonomic design for easy access and use.

AeroVironment – Home 240v Electric Vehicle Charger 24 Amp


This product is both affordable and convenient to use because it comes with an integrated 7.7-foot cable that enables you to plug-in electric vehicles conveniently at home, particularly the garages. It also comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation of the EVSE, which is simple to remove when not in use.

This Level 2 home EV charger is UL listed and it has an industry-leading 14-foot cable that can handle multiple cable routing applications. This product comes equipped with an LED indicator that shows the status of charging at any given time.

It also features a simple control knob to adjust the power output that ranges from 16A to 32A. The AeroVironment unit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it convenient for everyone who desires convenience when charging their electric vehicles at home.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Electric Car Charger – With WiFi

This product is equipped with the latest technology that enables it to be controlled remotely through your smartphone. It also comes with an added LED indicator that shows the status of charging on-demand, making it highly convenient for users.

The charger has a range of 20 miles and is compatible with most electric vehicle models on the market today. It is UL listed and has a 3-year warranty. This electric vehicle charger is IP44 rated, making it resistant to water and dirt particles that can easily damage the equipment.

JuiceBox Pro 32A Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger – Compact Wall Mounted EVSE


This product delivers 32A of power levels with alternating current and it is UL listed for safety purposes. It has a compact design that enables you to conveniently install the EVSE in your garage or even on the wall side-by-side with other home appliances.

This model is integrated with WiFi technology, which makes it possible to control remotely through your smartphone devices. The product also comes equipped with LED indicators that show the status of charging on-demand, making it user-friendly for everyone.

Siemens VersiCharge VC30GRYU Electric Vehicle Charger – Single Phase

This unit is compatible with most electric vehicles on the market today and it comes equipped with a separate package that contains all required equipment for easy installation. The charger is simple to operate because it has an integrated LED display that shows the charging status at any given time.

The product also comes with safety features such as surge protection against power fluctuations and thermal shutdown technology that ensures the equipment lasts long. It also has two charging modes, which are customizable for convenience.

Schneider Electric EV230WS Electric Vehicle Charger – Sense 2.0

Schneider logo

This unit is UL listed and comes equipped with a variety of safety features such as an integrated display, overload protection, and safety certification for added convenience. It also comes equipped with a 10-foot cable and has a simple plug-and-play design that enables you to conveniently install the product at home.

he charger can deliver 36A and 240V of power output. The Schneider Electric unit is IP54 rated, which protects it against water and dust particles that may damage the unit over time.

Leviton EVB40-PST Electric Vehicle Charger – Plug-In with Power Sharing Technology

leviton logo

The plug-and-play design of this product makes it highly convenient to install in your home, while its onboard display enables you to conveniently monitor the charging status on demand. It is UL listed for safety, which makes it user-friendly for everyone.

The Leviton unit is compatible with all-electric vehicle models and has a power-sharing technology that enables you to connect multiple USB devices to the charger at a given time. It also comes equipped with a range of safety features, including surge protection components and shutters, which protect the equipment from damages over time.

How to Choose Chargers for Electric Cars

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best electric car charger for your vehicle. These include power output, current, charging speed, number of ports for simultaneous connections, and compatibility with your electric vehicle model.

Here are the factors to consider:

Charging Capacity

The power output of an electric car charger determines how fast your electric vehicle charges. Therefore, chargers with high levels of power are likely to charge your unit faster than those that have lower levels or no charging capabilities at all.

Power Output Capacity

Before buying any type of car charger, it is important to determine if it has the capacity to charge your electric vehicle in the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a unit that has between 20-30 amps of power output to charge your electric car fully in less than 3-4 hours.

Charging Speed

The speed at which an electric car charge depends on two major factors including the power level of the vehicle and the power level of the charger. Therefore, it is important to buy an electric car charger that can deliver several amps for faster charging depending on your vehicle’s requirements.

Chargers with lower levels of power take more time to charge your vehicle fully, so you should choose chargers that provide a higher output level.

Number of Ports

The number of ports in an electric car charger determines how many items you can charge simultaneously. In most cases, a single-port car charger is fine if you only need to power your mobile devices as you drive. However, users who want to use the electric vehicle for powering other appliances may opt for chargers with multiple ports so they can keep their appliances running as they recharge.


It is vital to buy an electric car charger that is compatible with your vehicle’s power charging system. If you buy a unit that does not have the required voltage, amps, or phase input for your vehicle, it will not charge in the shortest time possible even if it has high levels of power output.

Therefore, before buying a car charger, ensure that it matches the voltage and phase input of your vehicle’s charging system to avoid inconveniences.

With these factors in mind, it is time to choose an electric car charger for your driving needs.

Our Verdict

Choosing a car charger that is compatible with your electric vehicle’s power charging system is vital. To ensure that you buy a unit that works great on your vehicle, you should check the voltage and phase input of your vehicle before buying an electric car charger to avoid inconveniences later from incompatible equipment.

The best thing about the ChargePoint Home 25 is that it has a power-sharing technology that enables you to use it with multiple USB devices at the same time; hence perfect for EV owners and EV drivers who would like to use their unit in powering other appliances while recharging.

It also comes equipped with app connectivity, which means that you can monitor the status of your charging system on demand while you are away from the garage.

Another great thing about this electric car charger is that it has a Surge Protection feature, which protects your equipment from damages over time. In addition to this, it has a simple plug-and-charge design for compatibility with most types of electric vehicle models.

With this guide, you can easily find the best electric car charger in the market.