EV Chargers: Guides and Tips

How Do Electric Car Works

how do electric cars work

Recently, there is a big fuss about electric cars. Many people are now talking about how great they are and how the future of cars is electric. These are meant to replace traditional cars and soon there will be no need for petrol or diesel cars. So, how do electric cars work? Simply put, electric … Read more

How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?

battery electric car

Electric cars have become a great sensation in the last few years. Many people are now looking to own one because of its low emissions and economical running costs. But how long do electric car batteries last? This is an imperative question as electric vehicles depend on batteries. The average lifespan of an electric car’s … Read more

The Difference Between AC and DC

difference ac and dc current

If you have just started using electric vehicles, then you must have come across some EV chargers. There are those which are said to be AC chargers and others and DC chargers. So what is the difference? We will look at this in great detail and help you understand the same. Electricity is generally produced … Read more

Electric Car: Advantages

electric car

As you may have noticed, electric cars are increasingly becoming popular by the end. Every serious car manufacturer is striving to have a vehicle with an electric motor. In addition, the US government wants to phase out petrol and diesel cars completely. With the popularity of these EVs increasing by the day, it means they … Read more

Smart EV Charging: What Is It?

smart ev charging

Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years. With a variety of models to choose from and more on the horizon, it’s no wonder that electric vehicle ownership is on the rise. But what about charging those vehicles? How do you make sure your EV is always ready to go? Smart EV charging … Read more

Dual EV Charger: What It Is and How it Works

dual ev chargers

Charging your electric car is very important as this is how you are able to get a driving range. If you need to charge two vehicles simultaneously, a dual charger may be your ultimate solution. In this article, we are going to look at this charger in detail and understand how it works. What is … Read more

How To Become an EV Charger Installer

ev charger installer

In The UK and the USA, plans are underway to phase petrol and diesel cars over the next decade or so. This is a move that is seen to promote the use of ultra-low-emission vehicles. What this means is that by the year 2030, the sale of electric cars will increase. To this end, the … Read more

How To Pay for Electric Car Charging

card for ev charging

Electric cars have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. However, one of the challenges of owning an electric car is finding a place to charge it. While many public places now offer charging stations, some require payment for use. When you need to use a … Read more


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