Hypervolt EV Charger Review

About Hypervolt EV

Hypervolt is a UK company that was founded in 2016 with the goal of making the EV charging process as fast and easy as possible. The company aims to do that by creating a network of highly optimized charge points for public use.

The Hypervolt website claims they are currently working on their own robot chargers, which provide 150 kW charging power. The ports used are CCS or CHAdeMO.

The company plans for this charging network to be fully operational in time for the launch of the new Nissan Leaf and they expect that many more charging stations will be installed afterward.

According to a report from Autocar, Hypervolt has already partnered with Nissan Motor Corporation. The company founder, Sam Goult is quoted as saying they are “in talks with the Volkswagen Group”.

The company is also in discussion with various councils to install electric vehicle charging points across the UK. The Hypervolt EV charger can be used anywhere.

Why Choose Hypervolt EV?


Connected Through Wi-Fi Or Ethernet

Hypervolt chargers use your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to offer a seamless connected experience at no extra cost


Install Without An Earth Rod

With built in state-of-the-art pen protection, Hypervolt chargers do not require an Earth Rod to be installed. Faster, cheaper, and much safer!


Over The Air Software Updates

Hypervolt chargers are automatically upgraded to the latest firmware over-the-air, allowing you to easily benefit from the latest features!


Charging Driven By Energy Tariff

Take advantage of the cheapest night rates, and take advantage of your smart meter! Just plug in your car and let your charger work for you!


Integration With Your Smart Home

Control your charger using your voice, using Amazon Alexa! Check status, control brightness, schedule charging, control cost, and more!


Automated Load Management

Never have to worry about tripped fuses or using all your appliances. Hypervolt chargers automatically adjust to household load.


Integrated Cost Control

Take maximum advantage of the cheapest energy tariffs, through advanced cost reports, scheduled charging, and more!


Optimal For Solar Charging

Charge your car directly from the sun! Hypervolt is compatible with all solar panel installations, enabling you to charge for free, forever!

Hypervolt EV Overview

Innovation is one of the key elements of this company and it seems to provide many options. There are 3 main types of EV chargers by Hypervolt:

  1. Hypervolt Home 2.0
  2. Hypervolt Alpha
  3. Hypervolt Omega

Hypervolt 2.0: Solar Charging Option

The Hypervolt 2.0 home-based charging station is the most affordable option available at the moment and it comes with a 22 kWh battery. It is the ideal unit for all your domestic charging needs. This can be increased to 33 kWh in the future and this provides enough energy to charge an electric car (the company claims) for up to 3 days when there is no sun.

The smart and flawless design of this charger is such that it can be installed in any part of the country. You can mount it to a wall, put it on the floor, or even connect it to the garage’s ceiling. You can control your Hypervolt charger using different options. The fact that it connects to the Alexa app, you can voice-control your Hypervolt charger.

The Hypervolt 2.0 has many features and you can buy additional packs for them without being too pricey. This is considered as the premium Hypervolt charger. These include:

– Wi-Fi connectivity

– 10 different charging ports

– Built-in Tesla connector

– Mobile app for iOS and Android that you can use to control everything. You can monitor the performance, set schedules, and receive maintenance reminders.

This future-proof technology is perfect for your daily charging needs. This makes schedule charging possible. Another interesting product to consider is the backup battery pack that can be used as an alternative power source, for both your home and EV lifestyle. This provides you with enough electricity storage to run all your appliances inside the house or charge up your car once the sun goes down.

The Hypervolt Alpha: Charging Your EV With Excess Solar Power

If you have a roof with solar panels installed on it then the Alpha is the perfect match for your lifestyle. The Hypervolt company claims that this product will give you an extra 50% of power compared to other solar chargers that are available on the market. This beautifully designed charger is for business owners and allows scheduled charging with just a few clicks.

First, you can use it to charge your car when there is no sun available. This way you’ll be able to draw electricity from both sources. Then, when there is too much sun available, you can use the excess to power your home appliances.

This is perfect for green energy enthusiasts and people who want to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Hypervolt Omega: Commercial Charger With CHAdeMO And CCS Ports

If you run a business or manage commercial parking at your home then the Hypervolt Omega might be the perfect option for you. This product comes with a 41 kWh battery that can provide up to 200 kW of power at full speed.

The charge points are equipped with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors so this is really an all-in-one solution. Since it’s designed to have many different ports, one Omega unit can serve several cars at once. This way you don’t have to worry about not having enough power to charge everyone.

Benefits of Hypervolt EV Chargers

The benefits of using Hypervolt’s EV chargers are ample. First, you will get a reliable and future-proof product that can be used for many different types of cars. You won’t need to change the charger once your car becomes obsolete because this is not going to happen anytime soon.

You also have all the benefits from solar energy and storage. Depending on your needs, you can use the excess power to run appliances and gadgets at home and/or charge up your car.

If we take a look at the battery pack, you’ll find something interesting: it’s upgradeable so if you decide that you need more capacity then only one product will do. Lastly, the car-sharing feature is perfect for people who like to travel and use different cars on a regular basis.

Hypervolt EV Charger Prices

Here are the 3 main products available in the company’s lineup for this year:

  • Hypervolt 2.0 home charger: $999 + Installation costs
  • Hypervolt Alpha: $1,199 + Installation costs
  • Hypervolt Omega charger unit: $1,599 + Installation costs

Installation Costs

The prices are correct as long as you have your own licensed electrician who will install the chargers. If you want to benefit from greater discounts then contact Hypervolt directly and ask about the standard installation service. You will love the fact that these chargers enhance integrated cost control.

This company also has a referral program so you can save $100 if you convince your friend to buy one of the products above. You will receive this bonus after your friend purchases the charger and completes the installation process with Hypervolt’s help.

Our Verdict

Charging your electric car should be as easy as charging your phone or laptop. Hypervolt’s products are really simple to use, eco-friendly (just like solar power), and future–proof.

The design, functionality, and price of these products are all great but one thing is for sure: if your car supports CHAdeMO or CCS then you should choose the Hypervolt Omega charger. This product will save you money in the long run because it’s compatible with many different EVs (not only Tesla).

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  • Scheduled charging
  • Device lock/unlock
  • Real-time energy metrics
  • Extensive charging analytics
  • View load management events
  • LED Brightness Control
  • Control solar charging


  • Mobile control and monitoring
  • Tariff/scheduled charging mode
  • 3 year warranty as standard, even without OZEV
  • OZEV Eligible