Ohme EV Charger Review

About the Ohme Review

Ohme Company is a well-known brand in the EV charging market. Established in 2012, Ohme has grown to provide EV chargers designed to suit all EV drivers’ needs. They are known for their high-quality products that are 100% reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. As the company keeps growing, it keeps introducing new and innovative products to the market.

The Ohme chargers are approved by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and all chargers are tested for safety by an independent lab. They come with a Type 3 flange meaning they can connect to almost any other EV chargers or EVSE out there, regardless of brand and model.

The Ohme chargers use the NEMA 5-15 outlet meaning you can plug them directly into a regular wall outlet and start charging. They will also work with the NEMA 14-50, which is an adapter that allows you to use them at 50 amps instead of 32 or 16. If you need something to charge quickly, go for the higher-end models like the 100 amp.

Why Choose Ohme EV?


Customizable Charging Power

The Ohme chargers can be fully customized to your preference. The devices provide two levels of power, which is standard in most wall chargers today. If you have a larger EV or one that requires more power, you might want to go for the 32-amp model rather than the 16-amp version. This is supported by the Octopus energy tariff.


Auto Detection

Since Ohme makes its chargers with home automation in mind, it is not surprising that they have included this feature in their products. When you connect the charger to your Wi-Fi network, it will automatically detect which EV is connected to it. This allows you to choose between setting up a full charge or a fast charge.


Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Features

Ohme chargers include many features that will help you monitor your charging activity more easily. You have access to a mobile app that allows you to monitor the status of your charger and track its usage more closely. Another smart EV feature is the auto shut off once the EV has been fully charged, so you don’t have to monitor the gadget constantly. With this, you will be able to control the costs of your electricity tariff.


Charging Safety

With many safety features such as overcurrent, overtemperature, and leakage protection built into Ohme chargers, you don’t have to worry about overcharging or overheating when using them.

Ohme EV Overview

The company offers 3 types of EV chargers:

Ohme Home

This is the basic wall charger and is 100% efficient and cost-effective. It offers a 32 amp level 2 charger that comes with the necessary mounting brackets for easy installation in your home or business.

The Ohme Home charger is an intelligent smart-charging device, which provides a whole lot of convenience. It detects which EV is connected and charges it efficiently. This device also comes with additional features like the ability to switch between 3-phase and single-phase power. With this, you can use it in Canada or the US without any trouble.

It easily connects to the mobile app, which you can use to monitor your EV charging session. You will easily be able to detect the current power usage, real-time power rate, and other features that come in handy.

Ohme Home Pro

This Ohme charger provides the same 32-amp power as its 16-amp counterpart; however, it comes with added features that help you monitor your charging sessions more easily.

Not only does the Ohme Home Pro give you access to these features through the mobile app, but it also allows remote control of charge start/stop. You have the ability to monitor the remotes, the charger’s operating mode, and power input.

With an LCD screen,  you will be able to see the charging status of your EV. This device also allows you to switch between single, three-phase, and three-wire applications. It features a Type 3 flange which means it is compatible with different outlets.

Ohme Go

Are you looking for a portable charger that you can take with you on road trips? You don’t have to look anywhere else. The  Ohme Go charger is the perfect solution for your needs. It is a compact device that offers a 16 amp power supply and it’s completely portable.

This device features a three-wire terminal connector which makes it easy to set up. You can easily connect it to a portable power source and a distribution box from Ohme, which you can purchase separately if necessary.

The Ohme Go charger is compact and lightweight at just 9 pounds. This device will fit comfortably in your trunk, the backseat of your car, or even under the seat cushion. Unlike other chargers, this one is small and won’t be in the way. The Ohme Go also comes with a Type 2 connector, which means it can work with almost any EV out there.

Ohme Charger Costs

The Ohme charge points come at different price points and power ratings:

– 32 amp – $899

– 16 amp – $699

– 32 amp pro – $1099

– 16 amp pro – $799

– The Ohme go charger ($1399)

The Ohme chargers are reasonably priced in a market where the costs of EVSE can range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. They offer high-quality equipment that provides safety and convenience when you are charging your EV. They come with many different safety features to ensure that you are safe when you are using them.

With the added convenience of home automation, these chargers can be set up easily and controlled via mobile apps or through voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

Ohme EV Charger App

The Ohme app allows users to take advantage of intelligent charging, which can prolong the life of their device’s battery. The app monitors how you use your phone, and then creates a personalized charging plan for you. The Ohme app is available for free on the App Store. It requires iOS 10.0 or later.

With the mobile app, you will enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about battery life. The app is easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The Ohme app features an intelligent charging system that helps you preserve your device’s battery life. It also offers a personalized and the lowest cost charging plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Plus, the app is simple to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Our Verdict

The Ohme chargers are the perfect solution if you want a high-quality charging device that will also be convenient. Since it offers many different features, such as auto-detection and customizable charging power, these devices will make your life easier without putting too much pressure on you.

Also, with its affordable price point and quality design, buying an Ohme charge point will be a good investment that you won’t regret.

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